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Saint Gobain Glass

The Flat Glass Division of Saint-Gobain, Saint-Gobain Vitrage, is firmly established and proactive in Europe and America and is now strengthening its presence in Asia. Its industrial capacity makes it the leading manufacturer of flat glass in Western Europe and a front runner worldwide.

Vector Foiltec invented and pioneered the use of Texlon® ETFE


Vector Foiltec invented and pioneered the use of Texlon® ETFE over 35 years ago, and is the only company in the world whose core business is ETFE. As market leaders, our team of experts have been responsible for all major technical innovation in the field.
Veda France, expansion joint specialist
Veda France

Veda France has been an expansion joint specialist for over 20 years, engineering, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of building expansion joint covers and building expansion joint systems, including structural movement joints, control joints, joint covers, fire barriers, waterstops, stair nosings and more.


Novelis Pae

Novelis Pae

World leader in rolled aluminum products
We are delivering unique solutions for the most demanding global applications, such as beverage cans, automobiles, architecture and consumer electronics. Our unique material advantage, customer-focused innovation and unparalleled commitment to sustainability define the Novelis brand. ​​​​



We are familiar with casthouse processes and various heat treatment solutions including homogenising.
EFR is fully experienced and has been supplying the Aluminium industry (including Aerospace Industry) with heat-treatment equipment upstream and downstream of the casting machines as well as for the Aluminium plate and sheets production.
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